About Us

Stone Funding Group – The right combination of industry experience and financial backing.

Located in Cape Coral, Florida, Stonesfgsmall Funding Group offers over 30 years of Financial Service expertise. With our experience and knowledge, our clients can access general business consulting covering income development, financial analysis, marketing evaluation and realignment as well as business efficiency and enhancement services. We use a very personal approach that is tailored and unique to each individual business that we serve. By doing this, we are able to incorporate traditional business models with dynamic trends and production efficiencies.

Stone Funding Group is a foremost provider of unsecured Merchant Cash Advances, Business Loans and other Working Capital products for small businesses that are unable to gain access to funds through traditional lending institutions to finance their businesses.

Stone Funding Group was formed by experienced financial professionals who strive to help small business owners evaluate their business needs and to determine if our Merchant Cash Advance or Business Loan is right for them. We put the needs of our customers first and take great pride in knowing that we employ the most knowledgeable Merchant Cash Advance agents in the industry to serve you.